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Details of Donald Trump's isolation

Isolate Trump

 Details of Donald Trump's isolation
 Details of Donald Trump's isolation

(CNN) - We've obviously heard the word "isolation"

A lot during the time of US President Donald Trump,

But guess who's still president! Democrats are demanding the House of Representatives open

 Isolating Trump, based on what they see as multiple crimes

Such as obstruction of justice and violation of the Constitution's reward clause in favor of his business,

Besides undermining press freedom.

But it is not easy, and there is a long way to successfully isolate the US president.

The second paragraph of Article I of the US Constitution states that the House of Representatives "

He or she shall choose the President and the other officials.

. So the removal must start from the House.

The Council must authorize one of its committees, usually the Judicial Committee,

To investigate the person concerned. If the Committee determines that something exists,

 It can return the insulation materials to the Council as a whole, to vote by a simple majority.

 With Democrats now in control of the House, they can easily

 To achieve this within this party tomorrow, for example, but this is only the first step.

Article 3, paragraph 3, of the Constitution sends the entire case to the Senate,

The Constitution provides that "the Senate alone has the power to prosecute at all

 Charges of officials. When the Senate convenes for that purpose, all its members shall be divided

 By right or by acknowledgment. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice presides over the hearings:

No person shall be convicted without the consent of two thirds of the members present. "

The Senate part of the impeachment process includes a trial in which deputies are represented

Prosecutors while the Senate is a jury.

Two-thirds of them must vote for condemnation, and in doing some calculations it must be

 At least 67 senators, and with the current division of the party,

It means that 20 Republican senators must vote to condemn Trump,

Assuming that all Democrats will vote for that as well.

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